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It’s Electrik’s mission is to re-charge humankind by creating awareness to the importance of a conscious plant-based lifestyle. “It’s Electrik” teaches that our everyday food choices directly affect our health, and we as humans are fueled by the foods that we eat. We believe that the human body is the temple for elevated consciousness and connection to the creator and must be kept strong by eating healthy foods.

The diet of most Americans does not contain the necessary plants, fruits, and minerals to sustain good health, as our bodies were naturally designed to resist and kill disease. However, over the years the human body has been severely compromised primarily due to a nutrient deficient diet, which is causing the influx of disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lupus, and many others.

conscious plant-based lifestyle

“Its Electrik’s goal is to give back by educating on how to combat disease and illness. Our philosophy is centered around the belief that for every human illness, there exists a plant which is the cure.”

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    Have You Tried a Detox Fast?

    It’s Electrik Detox Program

    You may have heard of “detoxing your body.” But have you tried it for yourself? If you’ve been considering a detox but aren’t sure, learning about the many benefits of detoxing and fasting will help you make up your mind. Detoxing  eliminates toxins in the body, and helps you to develop the habits that will keep you on track for a healthier life.

    As you may know, the body has its own natural detox methods. The liver, sweat, and urine are all ways your body rids itself of toxins. However, sometimes these vital organs work too hard and need a break. A detox is a great way to take the pressure off of your organs, so that you can keep them strong to help heal the body.

    There are many different types of detox fasts, and each one will give you slightly different results. But no matter which you choose, the benefits of detoxing cannot be denied.

    It’s Electrik’s detox program provides coaching and support to help guide you through a specialized detox program specific to your body’s needs, and is guaranteed to propel you to a higher level of health.

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  • Minerals

    It’s Electrik Minerals & Herbs

    Minerals and vitamins perform various vital functions, including keeping your bones, muscles, heart and brain working properly. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), most adult Americans aren’t getting enough of the nutrients their bodies need. That includes minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

    Minerals are often called micronutrients because your body needs only tiny amounts of them. Yet failing to get even those small quantities virtually guarantees disease. Minerals are considered essential nutrients because they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system. They also convert food into energy, and repair cellular damage. But to do all this, your body requires raw materials. These include at least 30 minerals and dietary components that your body needs but cannot manufacture on its own in sufficient amounts.

    It’s Electrik offers a number of different formulas that contain all natural herbs and minerals that help heal and restore nutrients in the body.

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It Is Health That Is Real Wealth…Not Pieces of Gold & Silver

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