It’s Electrik Gut & Cell Re-Charge Bundle


Our exclusive It’s Electrik Gut & Cell Re-Charge Bundle is the the perfect package for those looking to remove waste and toxins from the body. The digestive tract is a major area for the growth of many different illnesses.  It contains beneficial bacteria that serves 80% of the immune system, and protects the body against harmful fungus, bacteria, and other organisms. It keeps harmful fungus like candida in check by re-balancing the beneficial flora, while also cleansing and repairing the cells in the digestive tract. Having a well-functioning gut with a proper balance of good bacteria helps your system digest and process foods quicker and easier.

This formula will not only restore the health of the digestive tract, but it will help to restore balance within the entire body. The gut and cell cleanser formula is an all-in-one digestive health solution that repairs, soothes, strengthens, and protects the intestinal tract.

All of our bundles come in two different sizes. You can choose either a 16oz or 8oz re-charge bundle. The 16oz bundles includes a 16oz Purple Sea Moss Gel, 16oz Gold Sea Moss Gel, and a 100 count bottle of our It’s Electrik Gut & Cell Cleanser capsules. The 8oz bundles includes an 8oz Purple Sea Moss Gel, 8oz Gold Sea Moss Gel, and a 100 count bottle of our It’s Electrik Gut & Cell Cleanser capsules.

Our It’s Electrik bundles provides an opportunity for our customers to enjoy 3 amazing products, at a special discounted bundle rate.

Restore your gut health this holiday season with this customized package to fit all of your natural wellness needs!


Sea Moss Gel Ingredients:

Raw Natural Sea Moss from the islands of St. Lucia. No fillers, additives, chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Gut & Cell Cleanser Ingredients:

Milled into a fine powder, these minerals are contained in easy to swallow vegan capsules.

Ingredients: Cascara Sagrada, Rhubarb, Prodigiosa, and Blessed Thistle.

All items are made to order using organic herbs and minerals. No fillers, additives, chemicals or artificial ingredients. Information brochures are included with all orders.


*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For diagnosis or treatment consult your physician*

Sea Moss Instructions:

Take 2 tablespoons per day for maximum results (Morning or Evening). You can add sea moss gel to any liquid without it affecting the taste (juice, water, tea, blended smoothies, shakes and other beverages). Safe to take on an empty stomach.

Sea moss can last from 4-6 weeks if kept refrigerated, and up to 1 year if kept frozen. *KEEP REFRIGERATED*

Click Here for Sea Moss PDF Brochure


Gut & Cell Cleanser Instructions:

Take 4 capsules once per day with food. Drink minimum 32oz of water daily. The Gut and Cell Cleanser can increase bowel movements up to 3 times a day. This formula is not for long term use. It can be taken intermittently as needed, or consecutively for a maximum of two weeks.

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